Pihole getting 5000+ requests on PC reboot

Whenever I login to my Windows 10 PC, the pihole gets flooded with 5000+ requests in a very short timeframe killing my internet until its done (5-10 minutes after). I did a standard install of pihole and use unbound as well.

The only "funny" thing I noticed in logs is that there are a lot of "retried" entries from the PC.

I have tried to search the forum for a similar issue, but was unable to find anything.

Examples of these queries from /var/log/pihole.log please.

How did you create that log excerpt?
Please share the exact command.

The log itself looks normal.

I doubt it demonstrates your issue, though, or your PC would take over four hours for a reboot, from May 12 18:00:00 to May 12 22:18:48, while producing only ~2,400 queries instead of your stated 5,000+.

I turned on my PC around 18:00, which is why I tried to extract the entries around that time period, but you are right, that the count is not 5000+.
I tried disabling unbound, and that actually resolved the issue, so I'm keeping it as it for now.

I'll just close the thread here. Thanks for the assistance.

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