Pihole DNS/DHCP with 2 Netwerkcards, which Ping IP?


I have a Synology NAS server running and have a LAN and WLAN Card. That the DHCP and DNS only over WLAN are addressed, was no problem (bind). Now I have the problem that I always get the IP address of the WLAN when ping the server name. But would like to get the IP address of the LAN adapter. In addition I tried to adjust under Pihole the /etc/pihole/local.list and also the /etc/Hosts file. both unfortunately without success. What am I doing wrong :frowning: ?

To set the Hosts file on each Client is not an option.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Edit: ping pi.hole give me the right IP, but the Servername the wrong one :frowning:


Run pihole -r to reconfigure Pi-hole with the correct IP.