PiHole "active' but not blocking ads

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Expected Behaviour:

Ads should be blocked all all sites, across the LAN. https://ads-blocker.com/testing/ still shows ads on private mode

Actual Behaviour:

I can access the dash panel by inputting the ip address but not “www.pi.hole”. On the PiHole dashboard is says that the PiHole is active but loading a page in incognito mode doesn’t block ads.

Debug Token:


Pi-hole does not promise or otherwise promote blocking ALL ads, on any site, everytime.

Pi-hole does offer a way to block any domain name that you configure to be blocked.
Configuration is not limited to blocking ads, but rather any domain you deem unworthy of dunkin’ content into your network. It does so conveniently by offering to use extensive blocking lists compiled by a helpful community of users. You are free to chose from those lists and also to manage your own personal blacklist with Pi-hole.

Are you referring to your browser’s mode here?
Pi-hole is completely indifferent to what browser in what mode requests a domain name resolution.
Do you have additional software blocking ads configured in your browser?

Using the correct address to access Pi-hole’s web UI should fix that: http://pi.hole/admin (no www.)

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Issue was solved by following these instructions: Beaglebone - ads not being blocked (I searched the forums!)

especially about the rogue dnsmasq rogue file SoftAp0 needs to be deleted.

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