Pi-Hole with Docker on Ds415+ : The container reboots systematically.


Hello to all of you

I want to run Pi-Hole on my Ds415 + but I can not configure it properly. The container reboots systematically.

I need help !!

Here are the error messages:

ERROR: To function correctly you must pass an environment variables of ‘ServerIP’ into the docker container with the IP of your docker host from which you are passing web (80) and dns (53) ports from

In the environment variables I put ServerIP

WARNING Misconfigured DNS in /etc/resolv.conf: Primary DNS should be (found nameserver

Should I edit the resolv.conf file? How to do ?

Thanks for your help


For resolv.conf take a look at how tony sets his synology up : http://tonylawrence.com/posts/unix/synology/running-pihole-inside-docker/

That is strange it wouldn’t be picking up the Env for ServerIP. How are you addig the serverIP environment variable? Through the web UI for running containers?

A release is coming hopefully tonight or tomorrow where I’m removing the requirement for that variable…so you may not have to worry about that error for much longer but being able to set Environment variables is important. if you add PH_VERBOSE=1 environment variable it should make your logs a lot more noisy and show all the startup script logic, does that one work for you?


Thank you Diginc for your help.
Here are the screenshots of my configuration


On the second image, I do not know what to put and how to put it !!




Thanks again for your help


Looks like you have “ServeurIP” not “ServerIP”.

That might get you going, the other resolv.conf is a warning and you may or may not have problems. If you do have issues add the volume mount of resolv.conf like Tony’s blog post details.


Thank you so much.
I corrected the error and I followed the tutorial until the end: server apache 2.4 by default etc … .htacess file, /etc/resolv.conf, but no web display