Pi-hole whitelist oddity - could not remove site that was added and killed Pi


Expected Behaviour:

Should be able to delete a particular item from Pi-Hole whitelist via web

Actual Behaviour:

Unable to delete single item from whitelist

Hi guys. This morning I added a line to my pihole whitelist from the web interface using my phone. The pihole froze up and dns stopped working. So I unplugged the pi and plugged it back in and went back to ad free web browsing. Then I noticed the site I added to my whitelist wasn’t working! I went back into the pihole interface and tried to delete and add the site again, but it was impossible. The site would not be removed from the whitelist from the web interface. However other sites could be removed from the whitelist, so there was only a problem with just this one site.

Then I went to /etc/pihole/whitelist.txt from command line and I looked at the file and I noticed that the site is in the whitelist, but it appears as


What happened? Do you need a debug token?



It’s hard to say what happened. It almost looks like a stuck key during entry of the whitelist item. Were you adding the domain to the whitelist page (I assume) or were you clicking the “whitelist” block on the query log next to a blocked query, or were you whitelisting from the block page?

I would remove that line from /etc/pihole/whitelist.txt, then rebuild gravity with pihole -g. That will fix the short term problem.

Then, I would try adding the whitelist entry again from a client other than the phone and see if the behavior is the same. If not, it may be an artifact of the phone browser.



I was whitelisting from the whitelist page. After I typed in the url and hit add, I think that was when it froze up, but I’m not sure about the timing. I have never had this problem before, so maybe it was one of those weird things that just happens sometimes. I will rm the whitelist and rebuild gravity as u suggested.


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