Pi-hole v5.1 - Testing?

I have seen that almost all PRs tagged with v5.1 are merged into development.

Do you want us users to test it?
Will there be a beta round?
I guess not as this is only a point release

I'm running the development branch and everything seem to be working as expected.

To be explicit: I'm not asking for when v5.1 will be released.

It's unlikely we'll do a beta round of 5.1 like we did for 5.0. It is mostly bugfixes for 5.0 and a couple of extra features. If you're running development currently, then that is the closest to what 5.1 will be at this stage in time

Okay, thank you. My personal hit list for this release:

  1. Dark web interface
  2. Use best fitting subnet for groups
  3. Warnings on the web interface (this should be extended)
  4. Fix of these TCP crashes which was the often discussed dnsmasq bug I had only once and could not reproduce afterwards