Pi-Hole updates the domains updating daily


Pi-Hole updates the domains to be blocked once a week.
how can I updateGravity by updating it daily ?

is any sens do that ?



There is no significant value added by updating gravity daily. In your 120,000 or so domains on blocklist (or more if you have added blocklists), some very small percentage of them will change. This is why the developers set up a weekly gravity update.

If you must update daily, you can manually update from the web interface (Tools > update gravity), or with pihole -g from the command line.

If you want to automate this, you can add a cron event similar to what Pi-Hole has already installed in /etc/cron.d/pihole. In the example shown below, Pi-Hole has randomly assigned the time 0435 for the gravity update on that specific installation.

35 4 * * 7 root PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin/" pihole updateGravity >/var/log/pihole_updateGravity.log || cat /var/log/pihole_updateGravity.log

I recommend leaving the gravity update at a weekly interval, and if you occasionally need to update it do so manually.

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thanks for reply.
You are right I will stay with update at a weekly interval. :slight_smile: