Pi-hole shows IPs instead of hostnames

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Expected Behaviour:

[Pi-hole shows hostnames instead of IPs]

Actual Behaviour:

[Pi-hole shows IPs instead of hostnames]

Debug Token:


This happens with some routers. Some routers won't report individual client IPs (all queries appear to come from the router), so you're halfway there.

You can map the client names to IP's in file /etc/hosts on the Pi. Edit this file and add new lines (leave the existing entries intact), one for each IP you want to name. Example Macbook

This works best if you have IP's reserved for clients in the router. If not, and the IP changes, your mapping will be incorrect.

I have to say, that it's definitely not the routers (Fritz!Box 7490) fault. Previously I had Raspbian Stretch on my Pi and it was configured the same way as it is now with Fedora 29 and it definitely did show client names after I activated Conditional Forwarding.
I know I can just activate DHCP on Pi-hole but it should also work this way. And if it doesn't work 100% right, right know, my biggest fear is that if I switch to DHCP of the Pi-hole, I won't be able to reach my router.

This is how it looks right now:

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