Pi-hole performance: Raspi4B vs docker on Unraid server


I'm running two Pi-hole's each on a Raspi4B (directly on the OS so no docker) in HA mode with Unbound as upstream resolver.
I also have an Unraid server (Intel 11700 32GB RAM) who can run Pi-hole in a docker container, but for the moment I left them running on my Raspi4B's so I don't loose DNS when playing around with my server.

Now I was wondering if there's any performance gain if I put the two Pi-hole's each in their own docker conrtainer + unbound container compared to have Pi-hole running on Raspi4B's?

If so I will set my primairy on the Unraid and secondary on the Raspi4B, if there's no performance gain I would leave it like it is now, or just have the backup on the Unraid server.


Likely none. A Pi-4 is already a few orders of magnitude overkill for running Pi-hole alone.

A very popular setup is Pi-hole running on a Pi Zero, which has a fraction of the capability of a Pi 4.

I agree with @jfb but also want to add that I've been running Pi-hole on my Raspberry Pi 4 B continuously, without interruption, for over a year now without any issues whatsoever, servicing hundreds of clients in my hybrid home-home-office network. And it runs only Pi-hole alone.

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