Pi-Hole only shows 2 clients in website. I set it to use Pi-Hole's DHCP server, yet nothing changed

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Expected Behaviour:

pihole to show IP Adrress and host names. (I'm using pihole's DHCP server btw)

Actual Behaviour:

It only shows 2 clients.

Debug Token:


On what platform are you running Pi-hole? Is this on bare metal, or are you running it in Docker?

You are not running our shipped code:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Web version
[i] Web: v5.7 (https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/how-do-i-update-pi-hole/249)
[i] Remotes: origin	https://github.com/pi-hole/AdminLTE.git (fetch)
             origin	https://github.com/pi-hole/AdminLTE.git (push)
[i] Branch: master
[i] Commit: v5.7-0-g50f43bd-dirty
[i] Status:  M scripts/pi-hole/php/footer.php
[i] Diff: diff --git a/scripts/pi-hole/php/footer.php b/scripts/pi-hole/php/footer.php
          index 396e0a1..d84946f 100644
          --- a/scripts/pi-hole/php/footer.php
          +++ b/scripts/pi-hole/php/footer.php
          @@ -70,12 +70,14 @@
                       <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-8 col-md-6">
                           <?php if (isset($core_commit) || isset($web_commit) || isset($FTL_commit)) { ?>
                           <ul class="list-unstyled">
          +<strong><li>Docker Tag</strong> 2021.10</li>
                               <li><strong>Pi-hole</strong> <?php echo $coreVersionStr; ?></li>
                               <li><strong>FTL</strong> <?php echo $ftlVersionStr; ?></li>
                               <li><strong>Web Interface</strong> <?php echo $webVersionStr; ?></li>
                           <?php } else { ?>
          -                <ul class="list-inline">
          +                <strong>Docker Tag</strong> 2021.10
          +<ul class="list-inline">
                                   <a href="<?php echo $coreReleasesUrl . "/" . $core_current; ?>" rel="noopener" target="_blank"><?php echo $core_current; ?></a>

I'm running it on docker (I'm using Manjaro if that helps).

What do you mean by that? How can I fix it?

My error. We have an issue in the Docker image where it reports your local image as dirty when it is not. You are running our shipped image.

My bad. I thought that I'm using Pi-Hole's DHCP server. I was using my router's all along