Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi inconsistent blocking

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Expected Behaviour:

[I expected not to see any ads]

Actual Behaviour:

[some sites I can tell the ads have been blocked (e.g. most recipe sites/blogs) but we still see ads elsewhere (e.g. on our streaming services). When I first got pihole up and running, the percentage blocked was very high (60-70%) but for the past few months it has been either 0% or ~5%. I get an 87% on this tool https://d3ward.github.io/toolz/adblock.html]

Debug Token:


Please upload a fresh debug token. Your old token expired (48 hours) before we got to it.

Certainly. Thank you!




Looking at your debug log, it seems Pi-hole is working as expected, but you have 2 different routers on your network and one of them is advertising itself as DNS server:


Maybe some devices are using the other router, causing the inconsistencies you noticed.

Ah, I had not disabled my router's DHCP server. I disabled it and so far it seems to have resolved this issue. I appreciate it and may you receive back the aid you've given a hundredfold.