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After some time of use I come back to you because I have a problem that I still can not solve.

On my computer by setting pi-hole in DNS it works well, on the tablet too, for against some of my phones I do not know why, even putting the pi-hole ip in the DNS settings, some sites are not blocked, I do not know if it comes from the sim card or not, I think it comes from the IPV6 but I do not know how to configure them (I can be wrong)


more than likely when the domain is blocked by Pi-hole the domain is then attempted through either a hardcoded DNS in the app itself or potentially thorough your data connection

be aware the above is really wild guessing with a little background knowledge with more info we wouldnt know


Have you tried the tail function in pihole dashboard when these sites are not blocked?
Ip6 could be the issue, but then you should have ip6 dns info in your network settings on the mobile.

Worst case: it is indeed hardcoded. But where do you see unwanted pages.?
In a browser or app?

If it is in an app it could be hard to block, but you could try blocking google dns ip in your router. Most simple with a ip4 route.
Assuming it is the google dns that is hardcoded in the app.

If you want to know for sure it is not cellular data: just remove the simcard and start the app.


For example on the tablet, the same sites are blocked but not on the phone, on two different phone I have different results, the play store is blocked on one phone and not the other


I see the issue, but your feedback is not detailed enough.

Have you tried the tail view and the simcard removal?
First you need to make sure all devices are using pihole.
If you run the apps or website you wanted to block: is there any traffic seen in the log of pihole.
If not it could a number of things:
cellular data instead of wifi.- remove the simcard.
ipv6: check the ipv6 settings on that phone: how did it learn ipv6 info on the wifi? What is ipv6 dhcp server: try to disable ipv6 dhcp.

First thing is to check the pihole logs.
The “example” in your post does not help at all.


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