Pi-hole.net WP CDN Is Offline - 502 Bad Gateway

pi-hole.net WP CDN Is Offline - 502 Bad Gateway:

502 Bad Gateway (pi-hole.net)

bunny.net is reporting it can not reach wp-cdn.pi-hole.net

I see it's finally back up.

I don't know if the word "finally" is appropriate but it does seem that the security package added a number of the CDN IP addresses to an iptables drop list.

Well it was "offline" for over 2 hours. That's "forever" in computing time. :wink:

Suggest have something automated that monitors those CDN IP and notify someone if something goes wrong and if able to, automatically fix it.

Realize not an enterprise solution so, not a huge ordeal. :wink:

Anyways, glad black up. Thanks for all you do. Much appericated.

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