Pi-Hole keeps resetting upstream DNS Servers

I'm running pi-hole as a docker container on a Windows 10 PC. I've had this happen twice now (that I've noticed)... my remote PowerShell session to Exchange Online dies (which is when I notice it) and in looking at the Upstream DNS servers, Cloudflare is selected and the loopback address is specified as well. When setting up Pi-Hole I chose OpenDNS and removed the loopback entry. making that same change "fixes" the issue (which also confirms that I wasn't accidently too agressive blocking domains, etc)

Anybody else see this before or have an idea on where to start tracking it down? As far as I can tell/see the server/container hasn't restarted and immediately started working once I changed back to OpenDNS... also odd that having cloudflare selected caused this issue.

Please share your docker-compose or docker run script.

And please upload a debug log and post just the token that is generated after the log is uploaded by running the following command from the Pi-hole host terminal:

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

Tools > Generate Debug Log

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