Pi-hole, IPv6, and DHCPv6-PD (Prefix Delegation), oh my!

Howdie folks,

I’m an IPv6-newbie, and just managed to get everything working at home with DHCPv6-PD, and I’ve confirmed that my Pi-hole is automatically getting one of these IPv6 addresses, yay!

I’m in the IPv6 beta offered by my ISP, and they have made no promises about my numbers changing on me at any moment, even though there’s a good chance they won’t change at all even when the beta ends

As such, I haven’t pointed any IPv6 DNS resolution at my Pi-hole’s IPv6 address, because I’m concerned that the number might change and everything will break

Even if my ISP doesn’t change my IPv6 prefix ever again, I’m wondering if it’s possible that my Pi-hole will choose a different number within that prefix in future?

What are my options here? Would it be worth turning off DHCPv6-PD and running a DHCPv6 server locally? Or somehow pinning my Pi-hole with a static lease, a static IPv6 address, or the equivalent?

Also, I’m not entirely sure how I would even tell all my devices to use the Pi-hole for IPv6 DNS. I’m using a local IPv4 DHCP server to tell them to use the Pi-hole’s static IPv4 address for DNS resolution, but I don’t seem to have any of that machinery with DHCPv6-PD setup. Would I have to configure their IPv6 DNS resolution manually on each device?

I pointed my devices via DHCP on my FritzBox 7560 to my PiHole on my Docker (that was a ride...+4h of moving it from one regular pi to the portainer)...

First I made a random docker to get an ip assigned via dhcp (running ipv4 and v6 both on fritzbox) and then made it static via the network settings in the container
This is my network config. Was a hassle though...

If I can help or improve something let me now :wink:

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