Pi-hole ignored by all devices in LAN


on the internet. It’s running on a hosted VM.


Can you try https://www.dnsleaktest.com/



Is that your pi-hole’s IP? It should be showing only the pi-hole’s IP there. :thumbsup:


no I do not know what IP this is.


Just a reminder - this topic has been covered many times before How do I access my Pi-hole remotely? - FAQs - Pi-hole Userspace

Try setting your router’s DNS to Google’s Clear your dnscache, and try the dns leak test in a private/incognito window. It should show then.


yes, it now shows all the google DNS


One more thing to double check is if you have selected in Pi-hole Advanced DNS settings -> Interface listening behavior -> Listen on all interfaces, permit all origins (make sure your Pi-hole is firewalled!)


both IPs are from DNSwatch which is Pi-holes Upstream DNS Server


it is currently set to only listen on interface eth0 but this is even the only available interface on the VM and it also did not help.


Ping a blocked site like doubleclick.net?


answer on ping is “couldn’t find host”

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no and I even cannot open bild.de due to adblock.


Do you see ads on http://www.speedtest.net/


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Back to topic: I do not see ads on speedtest.net. I can even not open bild.de as it claims I have to disable my adblocker (no browser adblock enabled)
And that is what confuses me. While it seems to be working on ads it is not working on domains I type into the browser.
I am not talking of domains I recently blacklisted. What I do is I open domains that are in the gravity.list. The should be blocked by Pi-hole. When I ping the domain or try nslookup it´s bouncing the correct results (ping, unknown host, nslookup, IP
But again, when I open the domain in a browser (can be Win or iOS or MAC) the website works great.


Can you go to doubleclick.net?


no, this domain really seems to be blocked.
But I can go to goode.com which is in the mahakala and the preEventHorizon list (checked in adlist query).

When I ping goode.com it´s saying host not found.

Same for mkt561.com


Try blocking www.goode.com as well.


That seems to be working. On both Win and iOS device.

Also when I nslookup www.goode.com it delivers the IP (if not blacklisted in Pi-hole)

When I nslookup goode.com (without the “www”) it bounces back 0.0.0.

So the issue is the www that gets added in the (every) browser. Is this a bug, something I can change in my network? On Pi-hole? I cannot add another www.domain.com to 250k domains :wink:

When I nslookup www.doubleclick.net it bounces back, as well as when I nslookip doubleclick.net


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@camisy Do you know that the Fritzbox got two DNS settings one for the WAN and one for the LAN ? It seems you have have setup pi-hole in the WAN DNS setting, which is the wrong place. You pi-hole upstream DNS should be your Fritzbox.