Pi-hole + Hosting NAT on Pi Zero W

I just have a question in mind whether we can both run Pi-hole and host a NAT alongside on a Pi Zero W.

I’m currently hosting a private network (refers to this tutorial).
However, when sudo netstat -tupln | grep LISTEN it shows that the NAT is using port 53. I know that Pi-hole uses 53 for hosting DNS, so I tried to redirect my NAT to 5353, NAT cannot be used, and neither did pi-hole (install natively). Disable dnsmasq did not do the trick since I cannot host my NAT.

Reinstall OS, redo the whole network again, try running on docker, didn’t work as well since docker also bridge connection from host to container

I’m pretty new to this so any help is appreciated. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Ps: I’m at university dorm at the moment and they limits the amount of ethernet ports per room to 3 devices. Curently one is for Pi Zero W, one for laptop and another one is free at the time being.

quick update: Successfully installed pihole and raspAP. Cannot make both works on one Pi but still seeking for help.

It’s either disable dnsmasq on raspAP to run pihole or vice versa. Eventhough everything is functional I cannot block ads simply because the school doesn’t forward DNS (security reasons). The school has its own DNS server so I made a request to the IT team whether they could setup adblock network wise.

This moves to a next move is probably to buy another Pi Zero and install Pihole standalone, then point my current private network at dorm towards the DNS server hosted on the second Pi.

However, I’m still looking for solution whether we can do both on the same device. Or maybe I’m asking too much. This experience taught me a lot about networking in general so if anyone looking for answer I’m sorry to bring this to you. I don’t think there will be a solution anytime soon.

Thank you for reading

Yes, you can.

Network Address Translation (NAT) can easily be done through appropriate iptables commands.
As this isn’t Pi-hole specific, you will have more luck visiting a site that is focused on that aspect, e.g. NAT with Linux and iptables

Thank you for your answer @Bucking_Horn I have figured out that it’s my university wifi that doesn’t allow DNS Forwarding. I just sent them a message earlier to ask about that.