Pi-Hole (FTL) crashes every few hours :(

Expected Behaviour:

stable service

Actual Behaviour:

Pi-Hole (FTL) crashes every few hours

Debug Token:


Hello. I am very sorry to disturb you. I'm new here and still have a lot to learn.

Every few hours, all devices can no longer connect. Pi-Hole will not work anymore. At the top of the interface is that the connection to the API is lost. The service is marked red (inactive).

Only a restart of the Pi (version 1) solves the problem. Until he crashes again after a few hours.

Maybe someone can recognize something from my logfile (token) (created after reboot!). Thanks and best regards.

The developers are working on a fix for this problem. Please move your FTL to the test branch with the following command, and see if this resolves your problem.

pihole checkout ftl tweak/overhaul_overTime

I allready done this. No crash since 36 hours.

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