Pi-hole, ExpressVPN, and DNS


Expected Behaviour:

I’m trying to have ExpressVPN active across my whole network, not just on a single device basis (e.g. running the program on PC, running the app on phone). “Router” is a series of three Google WiFi pucks installed as a mesh, with one acting as primary. No actual router is used.

Actual Behaviour:

Pi-hole pulls its DNS from a specified server and does not interact with ExpressVPN in any way.


I know the question has been asked before, and I know one way to get this to work is by using a different router and modifying its firmware to utilize ExpressVPN. I’m just looking to see if I can do something without having to do that.

I was hoping that there might be some way to export ExpressVPN’s DNS information directly into Pi-hole, but odds are that’s simply not possible.

If you have any ideas I would appreciate them. Thanks!

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