Pi-hole droplet on Digital Ocean not blocking adds via OpenVPN


My goal was to create a digital ocean droplet so I could use Pihole anywhere. I have followed the instructions in the docs to only route DNS through the VPN, and I have configured IPtables.

I am testing using my iPhone. I am able to connect to the VPN, but nothing is getting blocked by Pihole. Ubuntu version is 16.04 LTS. The only data showing up in the dashboard is from running the debug script.

My debug token is l1y859h682

Can anyone provide any insight for me?


You have to set your DNS in your VPN client to the pi-hole IP address. So blocking the external DNS.


I have already set the DNS in the OpenVPN server. The VPN client for OpenVPN has no options for DNS. Edit: Never mind, I just double checked the IP address in there and it had a typo.


Good that you found your typo because. It is really straight forward and there are only two options.


Yeah, I was thinking of the app on iPhone, but I guess it’s a moot point now.


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