Pi-hole doesn't respond to one device



I have one host, a Samsung smartphone that doesn’t receive any responses to DNS queries.
I would upload a pcap but I’m not allowed. I can see the requests coming in but nothing goes out.
The resolver has been restarted a few times. Any ideas?

Debug Token:



Your debug log does not show any Pi-Hole problems.

Where are you seeing this?


I see it on the device and on a wireshark trace. This link should get you to the pcap. I can’t upload it.



This would indicate a configuration problem on the device. When you use the device, if you tail the pihole log (pihole -t) do you see any real-time traffic from that client? Look for the IP of the device in the log.


I’m not seeing the requests in the pihole -t output but I see it coming to the device in the wireshark trace.
The phone is configured using dhcp like all the other devices on our network.


If Pi-Hole isn’t getting the DNS requests (and it appears it is not) then the problem is not with the Pi-Hole.

I note that the source IP in your screen capture is, which is on a different IP range than the Pi-hole at That doesn’t look like a typical network setup.


I use a /16 address range so it is on the same network range. The screenshot I showed was from a wireshark trace on the pi-hole box so the requests are getting to the rasberry pi, just not to pi-hole.


Morning. I resolved this. There are two wireless interfaces on the pi and the default gateway isn’t on the interface where the dns IP address is configured. The pihole was bound to the interface with the correct IP address but not the default gateway. I’m going to have to redo this configuration but I thought I’d just report back.

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Thanks for the update. That may help a future reader of this thread.

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