Pi-hole docs: Ability to work offline

Sometimes, when reading the Pi-hole documentation my Internet is not working (I may be traveling or have no connection on an airport, etc.). So I cloned the Pi-hole docs and home and ran mkdocs serve --dev-addr as advised here:

To my surprise, this doesn't work when you don't have no Internet. The reason being (apparently) that your docs depend on loading some external content. I don't recall exactly but I think it was some font from come Google destination. Also, some images are sourced from some Github repository, it may have been

You could try

wget --recursive      --no-clobber      --page-requisites      --html-extension      --convert-links      --restrict-file-names=windows       --no-parent          docs.pi-hole.ne

Does this solve the problem?

If not: what is the actual feature request you ask for?

The mirrored version doesn't work right in my Firefox. Also, I plan to contribute more to Pi-hole incl. its documentation so I'd rather prefer to work with the repository than some static crawler copy.

Don't load external resources like images, Javascript, ... This may also be understood as a privacy thing even when this isn't my intention here.