[Pi-hole Docker] lsof -Pni:53 Using 100% CPU

So the issue is that the Pi-hole web interface dosen't work

This part works but when I click
Did you mean to go to the admin panel?
It dosen't load
And lsof starts using all the cpu (This only happens if I open the admin php site)

Pihole worked normaly for 4 months
Today I wanted to add a custom local dns and I couldn't open the web interface and when I checked htop I saw that

Things I have tried to fix this
Restart the docker container
Restart the docker service
Restart linux
Create a new blank container of pihole pihole/pihole:latest
^ None of these solved my problem and I used the same commands of how to create the new docker container as I did 4 months ago

So this leads me to the tought of something wrong with my linux machine or something wrong with pihole on docker

Is anyone able to help me?

These topics aren't similar because it is lsof that is using 100% cpu and not pihole-ftl