Pi-hole bt hub help

OK this may be out of format but i am banging my head against a wall trying to find out how to do this so here goes any help for this idiot would be appreciated

I have set up pi-hole on my raspberry pi zero I have a BT home hub so can’t use manual dns settings in the hub. i have no idea how to use Pi-Hole to block ads can anyone tell me from start to finish what to do please. i am a complete beginner so i am lost


pi-hole bt hub help

You could just set the DNS of each device to use the PiHoles address if you can’t set within the router

Method # 4 (not covered in the FAQ link)

See if you can disable the DHCP server on the BT home Hub.

If you can then disable DHCP on the home hub and then enable DHCP in PiHole so it acts as the authoritative DHCP server for your LAN (ie your phones/laptops etc will get issued their ips from PiHole rather than the BT home hub). Just make sure to put the internal ip of the Home Hub as the Default Gateway oin the PiHole config. Pihole will issue its own IP to clients for DNS.

Has the advantage over the DNS method given as option 1 in the FAQ in that PiHole will see each unique device rather than all traffic coming from the home hub (if the home hub works the same way as mione in that clients still use the router for DNS and that then forwards it to the DNS servers you’ve told it to use.).


Instructions on this page on how to disable DHCP on the home hub


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