Pi-Hole at Docker https for webgui?


i have install Pi-Hole at docker on RPi 3B, it's running after many configuration issues, but now it is fine.

I see, https is not active, why? How can i activate??

I can't login at docker container, it is possible ssh login?

Why do you want or need https for the web admin interface? It is internal to your LAN.

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you can configure pi-hole via SSH. did you enable SSH access when you were setting up the pi? raspbian (or is it called raspberry OS these days) for example disables it by default and you need to create a file named ssh on the SD card. other OS will have it enabled by default. i agree that there's no need for https in the vast majority of setups. i can dial in using wireguard remotely if the web interface is needed.

ok, but i have run Pi-hole as docker container, i think, in this container no ssh aktiv?

Yes, this gui is only local network, but https is it that complicated to put in?
Well, it will work that way, it serves its purpose.

No, because you access running docker containers with the native docker commands.

Yes, you have to figure out how to generate a certificate that a client will accept. And then you have to figure out how to serve that certificate.