Pi-hole as stand alone?

Is it possible to install Pi-hole on a stand alone Linux (Kali)?
i.e. letting the client get it’s IP number from the WiFi network as usual (from networks DHCP server).

But then getting the client to use the Pi-hole (installed on the same computer!) as it’s primary local DNS. Some sort of in-the-middle mode / pass-through forcing the client to always use the local Pi-hole to filter requests/responses, but yet using the external DHCP/IP given by the WiFi DNS-server?

Scenario: Booting up my Kali Linux machine connecting to a public (or work) WiFi, and still get the local Pi-hole to filter. (does this even make sense to anyone?) :roll_eyes:

Afik Kali is not supported. That doesn’t mean it won’t work. I haven’t personally tested.

The installation guide is what you are looking for. You are asking about normal functionality… just skip any parts with router and or client instructions. Your distribution will use itself for dns.