Pi-Hole as Recursive DNS & Cloudflare Outages

Not super savvy on all this, but I am vaguely aware that setting up your own custom recursive DNS server is in part to remove the need for services like Cloudflare for DNS queries.

So I'm curious, would a local recursive server setup have enabled people to access sites that were otherwise inaccessible last night?


Cool. Thanks, I guess that was a dumb question but good to know another perk of that setup.

If Cloudflare's DNS servers were down, switching to any accessible upstream DNS server would have worked, including unbound.
Pi-hole would have done so automatically if it were configured with a couple of upstreams.

But if you were referring to Clouflare's cloudflared DoH client, multiple upstream besides cloudflared would also mean that DNS requests would leave your Pi-hole host as plain DNS for those additional upstreams.

Thanks, that all makes sense. I guess what confused me and prompted me to ask this question to begin with is because the social media posts and news articles coming out about it. They made it seem like the cloudflare outage was affecting individual servers like DoorDash, League of Legends, and Discord. Rather than individual people who chose cloudflare as their exclusive upstream DNS.

*Edit: So I was surprised when the answer to the question was just "Yes.", I figured the real answer was something more complicated. E.g., the Cloudflare outage affected more than just their upstream query capabilities. It actually also affected XYZ, and no you would not have been able to access those downed sites even with an alternative upstream.

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