Pi-hole as a router and Parental Control ?

Hi, Pi-hole so far so good. I would like to request Pi-hole developers to integrate the following features:

  1. Full featured router functions with NAT and FIREWALL
  2. Parental Control and Internat Scheduling
  3. Voice Control capabilities through Alexa Skills and Google Assistant.

Hoping this request is not huge.


  1. cook coffee
  2. do my taxes
  3. scratch my back
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But seriously:

This already exists (e.g.):

For a LAN-LAN-firewall realised with a Raspberry Pi you need a second LAN interface (via USB), only RasPi 3B+ an 4B provide Gbit-Ethernet (1000Mbit/s) and only a RasPi 4B is equipped with USB 3.0 for Gbit USB-LAN. The RasPi firewall will be the bottleneck in your network!

Maybe other Hardware suits you more:

Deny or allow access to specific domains on demand by using a script like:

pihole whitelist domain1.tld domain2.tld

to grant access and

pihole whitelist -d domain1.tld domain2.tld


pihole blacklist domain1.tld domain2.tld

to block access!

From the Pi-hole documentation: Editing Whitelist and Blacklist
For more details on scripting: Bash Scripting Tutorial

And to automate the execution of the scripts use cron:
A Beginners Guide To Cron Jobs

Addendum: similar request here: Second level Blacklist triggered on a schedule

So you really want Pi-hole to cook you coffee?! :joy:

Yes I am serious! You thought I was joking? Have you seen Amazon EERO? It has all the above and more. Pi-hole replaces many paid services and hardware alternatives available in the market and am hoping see one day it does what EERO does.
Hope you did not get offended by my request.

Regards, Marc.

So many people confuse router and access point. Very different and separate beast. A router can contain an access point but a router is not an access point. Gotta love the consumer crap out there that has basically confused the public. On a side note a Raspberry Pi could not handle routing any decent connection. Not only do you need a minimum of two ethernet ports, the single onboard port it does have can’t even handle the speed it’s rated for. On a side note you could technically route with a single port using vpn concept but it’s way above the skill set of most users. We’re also back to the under powered hardware which would seriously choke the network.