Pi-Hole and VLANs & EdgerouterX

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Expected Behaviour:

I’d like Pi-Hole to provide DNS service to my VLANs that are segregated and outside of my Secure LAN

Actual Behaviour:

When pointing DNS of VLAN to the Pi-Hole IP address the clients on the segregated VLANs can not connect to the internet.

I’m running Pi-Hole in a Docker container on an unRAID server. I have 4 VLANs set up on my Edgerouter X. All VLANs are separated with firewall rules I found on a YouTube guide. No clients can connect through VLANs except unless Secure LAN (VLAN10) initiates. No clients on the guest or IoT networks can initiate contact with the router services (GUEST_TO_LOCAL)

I have asked this question on multiple forums, ubiquiti, Reddit, can’t find a solution. Opening port 53 does not work (maybe because of my segregation rules?)

Is the only solution to run 4 separate Pi-Hole instances?

Here is a diagram map of my network: https://imgur.com/a/3GJpPHa

If you allow port 53 traffic between VLANs, that should resolve the problem.

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Ok so I got it working by allowing port 53 to the PiHole IP address. But it was important (if using an Edgerouter X) to have this rule at the top of the Ruleset.

See more here: https://community.ui.com/questions/Pi-hole-across-VLANs/0b309023-6672-4388-a360-3332594a5da6#answer/25b990bd-c886-4748-8854-11901c756463

I assume this is for LAN requests only and port 53 is not open to the internet?

Well, I don’t think so. I tried to ping Port 53 from the WAN and it wasn’t open.

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