Pi-hole and Secondary DD-WRT router running OpenVPN


Need some help,

I have Pi-hole setup on a raspberry and works great. Now I have a secondary router with DD-WRT for OpenVPN with IPVanish. When I connect the OpenVPN client the DNS servers are with IPVanish and I can no longer block ads with my Pi-hole DNS.
I’m sure there must be some way to configure this but I have tried many settings and get nowhere.

Please help



Is the Pi-hole able to be reached from the secondary router? Is there a DNS setting you can change?


Hi yes I can reach all the routers from Pi-hole, I just cannot get around the OpenVPN routers with IPVanish, is there a way to get around those and use Pi-Hole DNS?


Usually VPN services use their own DNS so that you do not have a DNS leak (revealing your location by using a DNS from that location). In this case, you may be able to use Pi-hole with the VPN’s DNS server as the upstream.


Correct, I already use the upstream to DNSCrypt


Change the DNS server in the client config.


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