Pi-hole and playstation


Anyone having issues with playstation when setting up the pi-hole DNS?
It doesn’t want to connect to the sony network for some reason. Playstation is the only device that doesn’t work.

I checked the log, nothing looks blocked there. I added the domains that I know of to the whitelist to no avail. It seems that somehow Sony is blocking the DNS because if i change it to a regular one, it goes through. Is Pi-Hole broadcasting some sort of ID when resolving that can be blocked by Sony ?


My PS4 is not working as well, so I just did a manual IP config for it and out in my upstream DNS servers and it works again fine. I would like to know if I can get the PS4 to work with the PS4.


i found out that if I set up the DNS in the playstation it will always fail to conenct to PSN network.

i did resolve it however with a nasty work-around.

In my router, i set up the primary DNS ip, the ip of the Pi-hole and then a backup secondary one.

I left the PS set up on auto on IP settings and that worked like a charm. Youtube, VidZone all clean and clear :slight_smile:

The one thing though is that inside pi-hole reports (if network settings are set on auto on devices) it reports as the request originating from the IP of the pi-hole rather than the ones assigned to the unique device.

If however manual DNS entries are set-up in the device (to point at the pi-hole) then the report will display the IP and it’s requests.


I have connected my Raspberry Pi running Pi hole to my playstation, and I’m not having any problems up to yet. :slight_smile:


Try a pihole -t to watch for Playstation-specific domains that are being queried as you boot up and play your Playstation. You can also use the query log for a historical view, but the real time you get with pihole -t might be more useful.

If you do find the domains that are blocked, whitelist them with pihole -w and then update this list of commonly whitelisted domains.


I whitelisted google-analytics and a couple other domains and it worked fine until I put them back on the blacklist. They want that sweet, sweet information so they can sell you stuff. Whitelisted domains to make Vue work: www.google-analytics.com udm.scorecardresearch.com & b.scorecardresearch.com