Pi 3 pi-hole vs GL-inet MT300v2 box running openwrt


I was trying to create a second WAP on an existing network with an ISP supplied wireless router that doesn’t
let you play games with DHCP or DNS. The idea was to have one WAP with and one without DNS ad
blocking so people could choose.

Turns out that there is an adblock for OpenWRT and you can buy a cheap wireless bridge/router thing that
has OpenWRT already on it. I built the adblock feature and installed it on that device and for whatever reason
it just worked seamlessly, partly because the MT300 was already configured with the router voodoo that
just let me plug and play.

But it’s probably slow and has limited space for blocklists.

So I wanted to go back to using a pi3 to do adblocking with pi-hole and let the pi3 broadcast a WAP and do the routing just like the MT300, but I don’t know how to set up the router voodoo on the PI3 so I am tempted
to just run OpenWRT on the pi because then I can just pretty much copy the environment of the MT300.

But I’d rather not do it that way.

Anybody out there who can tell me what I need to do to make the pi route correctly on a 192.168 subnet
different from my existing router and serve up pi-hole dns just to the wlan0 WAP and just
work like the MT300 only faster and better with the pi-hole code?