Philippine black lists / adlists

Is there some place to go.That I can't find doing google searches. That has listings of black lists or adlists specifically for the Philippines? Perhaps tell my how to get the bad isp's from businesses? Particularly Globe telecom and the subsidiaries, other telecom companies and those of satellite companies as well.

Thank you

Pi-hole blocks domain names. It doesn't know about which ISPs support which businesses. Adlists include domains based on the function of the domain rather than the location of the domain, and any domain from anywhere can be used in any country.

The default adlist installed by Pi-hole already has 27 .ph domains on it today, and other adlists will have more. Any bad .ph domains will be on these along with any other bad domains from all countries. If you find any domains you want to block you can add them to your blacklist too.

OK, thank you, imagine Globe and the like are already in there. I definitely bow to the experts in this regard.

You can check for specific domains in Tools > Search Adlists, and add your own in Domains or using the Blacklist buttons when viewing the Query Log.

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