Option "Enable DHCP rapid commit (fast address assignment)"


Just noticed the option

Enable DHCP rapid commit (fast address assignment)

on the DHCP tab.

If you have the same question as me, “What is DHCP rapid commit?”…

You can configure the DHCPv6 local server to support the DHCPv6 Rapid Commit option (DHCPv6 option 14). When rapid commit is enabled, the server recognizes the Rapid Commit option in Solicit messages sent from the DHCPv6 client. (DHCPv6 clients are configured separately to include the DHCPv6 Rapid Commit option in the Solicit messages.) The server and client then use a two-message exchange (Solicit and Reply) to configure clients, rather than the default four-message exchange (Solicit, Advertise, Request, and Reply). The two-message exchange provides faster client configuration, and is beneficial in environments in which networks are under a heavy load.