One idea for the next version

This is my first time writing here and my English is not the best.

The 5.0 beta is good but the adlist would be better if you can create categories and add adlists in categories Example: Porn lists in a porn category and you can enable and disable them

I hope I'm in the right place and you understand me

Bye :slight_smile:

You can do this now, I believe. Make a new group named porn, assign the desired blocklists to this group, and enable and disable as needed. You will have to ensure that this applies to all users, not just specific groups.

Here is a good discussion on the topic of per-client blocking:

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See also the example in the preview of the v5.0 beta:

Thank you for your answer. did not see that sorry but can I put the lists in the groups and not assign the lists to individual groups

Sorry, I don't really get what you want to do. Could you explain this in more detail maybe providing an example?

can you speak german?

Also ich habs auch nicht verstanden. Was wolltest du nochmal?