Not blocking ads. IPV6 issue


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Expected Behaviour:

Tests report successful. Ads blocked.

Actual Behaviour:

Test page ( is saying nothing is blocked. gets 19/20. DNS6 + IP4 Unreachable
I’ve tried reconfiguring with pihole -r but have the same issue still.
I’m using OpenWrt on my router with DHCP-Options pointing to pi-hole’s reserved IPv4 address.

Debug Token:



Are you pushing the IPv6 dns too via dhcp?


I’m not exactly sure how. Every time I put an IPv6 address after the IPv4 in DHCP options, none of my PCs can connect to the network.
I’m really not too familiar with IPv6.

Edit: I’ve added dhcp option 23 with the pi-hole ipv6 address, but still not blocking anything. is showing 20/20.


Well, it appears to be working now. All ads are being blocked.
I ended up having to ignore or do the opposite of what was instructed on the FAQ.

I set the pi-hole IPs as the DNS server for WAN and WAN6 (not LAN) in OpenWRT, and set OpenDNS as the upstream DNS on the Pi-hole.


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