Not all hostnames get resolved

Expected Behaviour:

All Clients in Top List should be shown with hostname

Actual Behaviour:

Not all Clients are shown with hostnames.
I have many entries with *
It seems only request over IPv6 are affected.

Debug Token:

Any idea what could be the issue here?
My router is a Speedport Smart 3. DHCP is disabled.


Client resolution in Pi-Hole’s Admin Panels is based on IP addresses, not device identity.
Each of your devices might have one IPv4 and one or more IPv6 addresses -
link-local (fe80:), ULA (e.g. fd00:) and public (e.g. 2003:) prefix addresses would be common.

What you see are indeed valid hostnames for IPv6 addresses as constructed by your devices from information provided by your ISP (which seems to be Deutsche Telekom, judging by the name).

I changed my router config and now I have some entries with the IPv6 addresses and some with
Pi-hole should be able to show these hostnames and also to combine the requests from different IPs under one hostname.

As Pi-hole seems not to work properly with IPv6, I just deactivated it.
Now there are not tons of “ghost” clients.

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