noob about raspberry

bought pi 4 B with an SD card already formatted, went through language, password, wifi setup (the usual)… couldn’t update because update gives - inrelease; changed its; ‘suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’

deceided to leave it as i live in Australia and it was probably doing an update over midnight.

now it gives the colour screen for booting and then black??? with no indication of putting something in? is there something i need to do? because i am at a loss

any help thanks

You will likely have the quickest success if you format the SD card and reinstall an OS from scratch.

For the suite change btw:

  • This is since Raspbian Buster has become the new “stable” release last summer while the old stable release Stretch has been moved to suite “oldstable”.
  • To solve the error you face: apt update && apt upgrade
    It will ask you to accept the suite change one time. Afterwards non-interactive apt installs can be done again.

But if the RPi does not boot, yeah a fresh Raspbian Buster flash might be a good solution anyway.

What you mean by this? You get regular boot messages on screen but then no login prompt? Or do you see a rainbow square and no boot massage?
In case try to login via SSH, probably the getty service (responsible for local login prompt) is not active let fails.

thanks , will start from scratch, to michalng it gave the color screen (rainbow square) for a little bit and then everything went blank -telling you this just to clarify, will start over anyway.
thanks again for the explination

oh forgot, not doing via SSH - doing the old method via keyboard and mouse and screen… (but i am wondering why, guess i wanted to keep it very simple for my first time :smiley: