No query log update anymore and no top clients (all and blocked)

I did not see this anywhere, this was just my speculation as

lead to no clients showing up. If these are indeed all clients in your network, then my assumption was simply wrong.

Actually 58 clients using pihole. I excluded just some which doing a lot of requests and not needed for me to seen in statistic

So honestly, this kind of implementation of the new feature doesn't work for me like it is.

Yeah, I get this. We need to find out why so we can get this fixed properly. So thanks for staying in tough with us about this issue. Can you make out specific entries in either excludeClients or excludeDomains causing this?

I still assume it may be the entry will all of your clients get a suffix. Please try them using anchors, like


to ensure really matches only and not also (which does contain fritz,box).

this works

Hi, any chance you can make this branch visible again so I can snag a copy?

sudo pihole checkout ftl new/useWAL
sudo pihole-FTL --config database.useWAL false

My understanding is that WAL isn't supported over network filesystems. It would be nice to have this switch exposed in v6 for those mounting network (or weird-o) filesystems.

It should be up. Which errors have been seeing when running the checkout command?

Sorry, looks like I borked-up Git on my end. I can see new/useWAL now.

Disabling SQLite write-ahead logging resolves my issue.
Is this something you plan to roll into v6?

Thanks for the assist!

Sure, it is awaiting review here:

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It has been merged. Please go back to development-v6 soon.