No Internet connection

Whats your upstream configured DNS server(s) ? DNSSEC involved that depends on accurate date/time ?

grep 'PIHOLE_DNS\|DNSSEC' /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

Here it is:
grep ‘PIHOLE_DNS|DNSSEC’ /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

@jfb Thanks for the tip with the debug log. I can generate a debug log via pihole -d but I cannot upload it - no internet connection :sunglasses:

This will temporarily reset the nameserver on the Pi to bypass Pi-Hole DNS.

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

edit nameserver to nameserver or your preferred third party DNS service, save and exit

Run pihole -d and upload the debug log

Chicken egg dilemma.
Time syncing depends on DNS resolution.
And DSN resolution via DNSSEC depends on accurate date time.
Try without DNSSEC or search here on discourse for other solution’s for systems that dont have a real time clock on-board like some SBC’s.

Run the date command from the Pi terminal and see if the date/time of the Pi matches your local time. If not, then reset it with the command below (you will have to substitute the correct date/time):

sudo date --set="21 December 2018 11:53:30"

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Yes, the chicken egg dilemma.

I ran the date command and set date and time correct. I now have a connection to the Internet again :+1:

@jfb: The analysis of the debug file is obsolete.

Thank you guys for the help! I appreciate that very much.

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