No Internet After Uninstall

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Expected Behaviour:

pihole is uninstalled after running pihole uninstall
internet connection continues and ads not blocked

Actual Behaviour:

pihole uninstall completed but internet connection no longer resumes.

Debug Token:

had to reinstall to do this…!


modify resolv.conf from




restart network-manager
internet works, but only temporarily and internal sites are not available.

At this point, I do not want to use pi-hole anymore but I’m not sure what changes have been made to my system. (dumb on my part for installing something I do not understand.) Others have had this issue as well and modifying the resolv.conf or dhclient.conf but this is temporary until reboot and this is not how modifications to this file should be done. Any troubleshooting ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

Is there anyway to completely back out pihole and return my internet to normal state?

Did you change settings in your router to point DNS to the pi-hole? That would need to be changed back to use your providers DNS now.

Thank you, Marcos. I did do that and the only device on my network experiencing issues is the computer I installed pihole to. Everything else seems to be fine.

Check if any network profiles have configured for DNS:

sudo nm-connection-editor

EDIT: also check if dhcpcd5 is still installed that might conflict with network manager:

apt policy dhcpcd5

To uninstall:

sudo apt remove dhcpcd5

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