newbie - what happens if the computer w/pi dies?

what happens if the computer with pihole crashes and cannot be recovered. what do you do?

  1. Put your router and clients back to an external IP, to restore your internet access.

  2. Fix or replace the computer.

  3. Reinstall Pi-Hole.

  4. Consider buying a Pi Zero W and installing Pi-Hole on that. It will happily run 24/7 forever, consumes very little power and will serve a large busy household easily.

well, but you wont have access to internet if everything is going through pi and it dies.
so now do i use another internet service, like work, to log into my router and change the DNS to auto and then reinstal pi again.

@jackallis Only DNS requests go through the Pi-hole. All other traffic does not. Granted, most of that is via a web browser.

However, as jfb has mentioned, you just need to reconfigure your router to use, at least, your ISP’s DNS servers to regain web access via URLs to the Internet. You don’t need to change ISPs.

I would log in to Veeam and make an complete VM restore from last night.
If it was during the evening or weekend where the family is in, I would do an instant VM recovery. :nerd_face: