New router = amended set-up = new questions!

I was previously running my Pi-hole for both DNS and DHCP purposes, but an enforced change of router means that I've amended my set-up, leading to some new questions...

  1. My new router allows the Pi-hole IP address to be set as the DNS address, and therefore I've turned off the Pi-hole's DHCP server. Is it correct that I'm now seeing the majority of the DNS requests listed under the router's IP address, rather than under the individual devices' IP addresses? Some continue to be shown under the individual addresses though. Running ipconfig on this laptop shows the DNS servers to be the router's IPv4/IPv6 addresses rather than the Pi-hole's.

  2. The Pi-hole was set up with a static IPv4 address, an address which is also fine to use with the new router. I've reserved this in the new router's DHCP settings. However, when it comes to IPv6, I'm in the dark. The Pi-hole was assigned an address by my old router, I don't remember ever setting this up specifically. How do I work out whether this new IPv6 address is OK to use with my new router (Netgear RAX20)? I can't see any way of making IPv6 reservations. Would I have to set up the Pi-hole again, forcing the router to assign it a replacement IPv6 address?

question 1 Why do I only see my router's IP address instead of individual devices in the Top Clients section and Query Log?
also make sure the DCHP server built into your roputer is handing out the pi-hole address and not the router address that usually helps

question 2 . Unless you need all devices to have a publicly accessible IP address just turn off IPv6 Altogether. there is really no advantage as most ipv6 doesn't do static near as well as IPv4

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Thanks for your reply, very helpful!

I've had a look around to see whether I can work out if there's a way to change the options in my router to change the DNS behavour, but I think not :confused:

As for IPv6, if I did want to get this sorted, how would I go about it? Maybe not a necessity network-wise, but good for my learning.

what router is it .

As for the IPv6 side i don't deal with it in any way other than my above recommendation however as well as this forum will both have more info

Netgear RAX20

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!

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been a little while since i have been inside a netgear but i believe this link may get you in the correct direction i do not think you need to change anything except the "use these DNS servers" portion

I'd already done that though...


ok so now you need to find your DHCP setting again likely in the advanced area and make sure pihole is the DNS handed out

You mean like this?

from my more extended searching it appears netgear does not support DHCP handing out anything other than its gateway IP as DNS. there is a way around this by using a 3rd party firmware like tomato or DD-WRT however those are use at your own risk and YMMV situations ... sorry

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Thanks! This is kinda what I expected from my (limited) searching and knowledge

Back on the subject of using ifconfig, I've worked out that my Pi-hole has a different address than the one shown in the web interface. However, I'm unsure whether the address will change over time, or on reboot? If I was to change the address in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf to the correct current address, am I gonna see any issues? Surely better to have a (currently) correct address than one which is completely wrong?

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