New Blocklist over 5 Million

If you can’t connect to to the site, it is not being updated. All good list have a header that tells you the last update


Thank you, it has no header section so I imagine its a static list that is not updated :frowning:

The file is 500Mb and has more then 20 million domains, after sort on uniq domains the size shrinked a lot to 133Mb and almost 6 million domains

Thank you @PA3DSS. I was more interested in if its a list that is maintained, as the filesize does not particulally bother me. If it is not continuously being maintained I dont see much use for it in my use case.

Even without a header does not mean it is not good to use. If you can access the link, then the list at least can be added to your pi-hole. You just don’t know how often they update it to remove false positives. :thinking:

No longer maintained and dubious as to quantity/quality. Closing this thread.

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