Network drops almost daily. Rebooting pi-hole fixes it. What's wrong?

Charging/supplying power through a USB cable is tricky.
Old school USB does not have same power implementation/restrictions as the USB-C ones.
Its not like lets divide the wattage by the number of devices.

@jfb Yes, it had always been my intention to put "critical systems" on the UPS but it was one of those things where we moved across country and I had to get things set up right away but couldn't for the life of me find which box the movers put the UPS in. I found it weeks later and just never got around to hooking it up. I guess now is the time.

@deHakkelaar I'll read those articles but I wasn't assuming watts divided by ports. It flat-out says 2.4A per port. The other three Pi 4s are just running a three-node Hadoop playground so I'm going to keep them where they are for now. But yes, the Pi running pi-hole and Plex will be going on an "approved", dedicated, UPS-protected, power supply as suggested ... just as soon as everyone gets off work.

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FYI, have just completed the following:

  • "Approved" power source

  • Wired connection, directly into the router

  • Reflashed SD card

  • Freshly installed Pi-Hole

I'll be swapping DHCP from the existing router to the Pi-Hole after work. (Necessary as my router is an Orbi which hard-codes itself as the DNS server when serving DHCP.)

Question: Will the devices then migrate to the Pi-Hole when their existing DHCP leases expire, or when they get restarted, whichever comes first?

Maybe. Certainly at the end of the lease, and some devices (IOT primarily) renew the lease on restart. You can force all clients to renew the lease now, one way or another.

IOS devices - toggle in/out of airplane mode for a few seconds.

Windows - ipconfig /renew


Cool - the IoT devices was my primary reason for asking.

Anyway, I believe my changes have implemented all of the advice you all have given me so far, so I'll report back after things have time to stew for a while. Fingers crossed.


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