My Pi Hole blocklist (contribution to the community)


So far I’ve come with almost 1.2 millions of URLs blocked. So I want to contribute to this community and the developers. I’m a new user so I cannot upload documents :confused: so here is the complete list:

Thanks also to all the guys that create and update the blocklists.


Can these be submitted all at once to pi-hole? In the admin console under Blacklist it looks like it only accepts one domain at a time.


If you copy the list of domains to your clipboard, then paste the contents of your clipboard in the empty box (Admin GUI > settings > blocklists), then click “save and update,” they will all be added.


You can easily edit adlists.list via sudo nano /etc/pihole/adlists.list
But I would not recommend to do a (blind) copy/paste blocklists to get millions of blocked queries.
Less is more, sometimes…


Oh right thanks, I was looking for a way to do it from the admin web as I run pi-hole as a docker container and the shell isn’t as easily accessible, but I will do it that way, thanks again.


Thank you sir.