More flexibility in editing and using custom upstream servers

Hey guys,
I wondered if we could have more flexibility and transparency in using the upstream servers. for that purpose, I made a quick mockup of the DNS settings page.


  • add a name to a custom dns server (just the ip address is not enough for changeing, testing and editing them)
  • more than 2 upstream servers in frontend

Maye we could add google, openDNS etc. on the right side too, to give max. flexibility?

Thanks guys for your great work! I love what youre doing :slight_smile:

Looks nice but I think replacing the Custom 1 with an editable comment that people could put any string as the name would be better. The layout you have is a bit wide for most layouts.

Thanks - but my point is that I would love to have a feature to add some more than only 2 custom dns servers without editing some conf or other files and to add a name to it.
The layout I made is only one of dozens possibilities to look like.

I understand the request but I don't think it would do much.

Pi-hole checks the upstream DNS servers for performance and selects the best one of the bunch. Having more upstream servers would lead to a number of your upstreams that are unused.

You mention adding Google and OpenDNS but they are already there. You can select them on the left side and add your custom on the right side. They aren't mutually exclusive.

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I know what you mean - but why are then there so many "mainstream" DNS Servers coming per default with pihole if they are unused?

I would love to add more of the "none" mainstream dns server, which are not logged, not censored etc.

the point for me is:
pihole comes with many (9) dns servers fixed implemented, which have been selected by someone.
what if I would like to use the dns servers from Digitale Gesellschaft (CH), Freifunk München, Digitalcourage e.V., CCC, Swiss Privacy Foundation insted of google, Quad9, Cloudflare (the big ones) etc?

Then I do only have one possibility: to add nonamed ip addresses in two fields, which I surely cant remember 3 days after adding them. (from which service they are)

And I asked myself why are there 9 DNS servers built in and only 2 to customize?

We made the decision a long time ago that we will not be adding any additional DNS servers to the shipped list.

The decision to use the ones we have now was made years ago and hasn't changed in a while.

That doesn't mean that the FR is null, just that we won't add more stock servers. We can look at adding more custom slots though.

All in all having multiple upstreams isn't beneficial. FTL will choose the "best" one and use that until another "best" one is determined. (Determined by latency and a few other factors.)

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You can add as many upstream server as you like by editing the config files manually.

yeah that would be really really great!
Because it makes no difference if Pihole chooses the best DNS server from the predefined ones or from the ones you set yourself right?

Right. Pi-hole does not evaluate how each upstream DNS server was added (from our predefined list or from your custom entries). It simply sees a list of DNS servers to use, and by evaluating the performance of each it favors the fastest responders.

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