More Colourful Tail pihole.log on Web Interface and CLI

I would like to have a feature to implement colourful tail log on the pi, as this would make debugging a lot easier. No need to ssh.

  1. Red for blocked, as it already is
  2. Yellow for clients' query, including A, AAAA, PTR, etc
  3. Green for reply to clients, ie replying an IP
  4. If DNSSEC is enabled, use magenta for BOGUS
  5. White for DHCP
  6. Orange for warnings, like NXDOMAIN or things that the user needs to be aware of
  7. Any remainings should be coloured as purple or sth like that
  8. Blue is not used because the windows powershell is blue. If blue is used it would be hard to see for powershell users

I think adding colours to the web interface would be as simple as just adding colours to the text, depending on the content. Like colouring lines with "blocked" as red, "query[type]" as yellow and "reply" or "forwarded" as green. This would make debugging a hack lot easier.

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like the sound of this. i struggle with the grey in particular..

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This isn't going to be possible, accessibility would preclude most of those color choices. And would make the logs look like a unicorn exploded.

As for PS and blue, use Windows Terminal, that's where CMD, PS and WSL are now.

fair point well made. i deal with accessibility in EPOS and should have taken the above in to account.

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I believe colourblindness should be dealed with system level accessablity options. Anyway, they all have text to convay meanings, and not colours only. And I am just suggesting a colour palette, to give a example.

At least, change the grey to something else, it is really hard to see.

Edit: I don't think thay are that hard to distinguish...

I don't. It's our job as programmers to make accessibility happen.

That's a pretty bad take on things.

Going by your own claim, use your system level settings to change it.