Merits of using a consolidated blocklist

Why do you say that? I'm using the OISD domains list on my pi-hole.

That list is crap, in my opinion. For a few reasons. Don't expect to ever see it offered as a Pi-hole default.

(1) a consolidated list negates any per-client blocking in V5 and later of Pi-hole.

(2) the list is a scrape of other people's work (the source block lists). No feedback to source list maintainers for any false positives, etc.

(3) all kinds of stuff is whitelisted by the list consolidator, and the whitelist is not disclosed. It's basically a group whitelist at the request of various list users.

Deleting that comment was a wise choice.

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I wasn't expecting it to be on the default list. Just curious why it wasn't. I'm a "noob" with pi-hole and currently testing in my home, so please forgive me of my ignorance.

1. Please elaborate. Isn't this what you're doing with Steven's master list?
2. True, but aren't most lists out there?
OISD gave credit to the lists he included and if they have issues with those lists. It's on his website, although it's not in his actual list. I do agree it should be in there too. He explains more on his reddit page.
Malware domains (justdomains) should have a timestamp or something on their list. You currently have to go back to the lists directory to view timestamp. It's currently outdated by a few months.
3. I agree, it should be available, but honestly if it's already whitelisted why bother?

I'm in no way praising the maintainer of OISD...just saying he has an impressive large list from all kinds of sources including all of

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