Maybe off topic, customizing Pi-Hole Box



My Pi-Hole is working like a champ, but I would like more;

From the Pi-Hole experts what other Software would you recommend to install to run with It to improve my network functionality and privacy and/or security?

The PI is a 3+ and I’ve added a USB mounted 500gb SSD for Storage and 64 gig SD for the OS and Software.

Whatever is recommended needs to play well with the PI 3+ limitations.

I’ve already disabled Bluetooth and thinking of using two USB WiFi adapters instead of onboard, also not running a GUI to save resources.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional software.





500gb ssd? for what? for private data?
64gb sd for pihole? so much, what programs do you want to run?
two USB WiFi adapters? madness



Yes, madness maybe… the SSD is for data storage and SD card for programs.

I was hoping other folks have ideas for additional software that would fit well with PI Hole. I’ve ran items like Wireshark and TCPdump before, so that’s why external storage.

The USB WiFi dongles support a/c and g/n, and I’ve had issues in past with certain Hats and onboard Bluetooth/WLAN, mainly DAC Hats but this PI will only have additional Battery Backup RTC and likely a 4” TFT hat for info display.

I’ll likely setup another access point running TOR on another PI for secure comms, but not on the Pi-Hole.

Should note for others that TOR and Onion work fine with current PI-Hole running on a Pi Zero W.

Any software ideas let me know.